Monday, September 28, 2009

Things Can Only Go Up From Here

Luck to change... I hope
So far my cyclocross season has run into some bad luck on and off the bike. During my first cross race I managed to roll over a large pine cone hidden in some grass, which sent me over the bars and onto my knee. I jumped back on the bike and started to pedal, but the knee was already the size of the Good Year Blimp, so I had to settle with a DNS. See Video

The following weekend I raced at the LARPD in Livermore and was blindsided on the first lap and the collision caused my rear derailleur to break from the frame and again I was out of commission.
Last week I was in Union Square with Z - fell down some stairs and ended up rolling my ankle and falling onto this couple sitting in front of me. Luckily, the ice cream missed her head and landed in front of them. It hurt so much I had to limp into a local parking garage and recover without an audience. Now the good news.

Brian at Big Swingin' Cycles ( has decided to help me out for the 2009/2010 cyclocross season. This is my favorite shop in San Francisco and the mechanics are a good group of guys. Brian has always been supportive of local racing and it will be a pleasure to roll with the Big Swingin' logo on my frame. Dave is my mechanic at the shop and does excellent work on cyclocross bikes. Also, Big Swingin' will be hosting the Lion of Fairfax Cyclocross race on October 17th - it's a great course and a cool atmosphere. Racing in the A's is going to be challenging this year, but I hope to make several top-10 appearances throughout the season.

One last thing...
I would like to thank Brian Bruckner, Dave at Big Swingin', Ritchey Bicycle Components, TRP and Angelo DiGiovine for the support. Next on the calendar --> BASPS #1 McLaren Park 10/04/2009 McLaren Park, San Francisco

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Do people still blog?

Why did I create my original blog?

These are some of the questions which cross my mind as I sit here at my workstation. It's been a long time since my last update and the Facebook application has taken over as the best place to post your thoughts and random updates. The Facebook application has been quite entertaining and I find myself posting random things as well and about 80-90% is bullshit. Anyway, I would be a hypocrite if I posted bad things about Facebook - it's fun to read about peoples lives while sitting on the toilet in the basement level bathroom at work. This might be too much information for some of my readers (if any exist), but the visit to the bathroom in basement has become a daily ritual. Some of my best ideas were born in the bathroom downstairs and there is something about the temperature and silence which keeps me coming back each day. Enough about the basement bathroom - on to the meat and potatoes of this entry.

The past 8 months have been a lesson in life and love. There has been a great deal of sacrifice in my personal and professional life and bike racing was put on hold during this time. My miles dipped into the reserve tank and my cyclocross season was obsolete. But through all this I learned about my partner (Zsofia) and how the bike is really just a bike.

Anyway, back to my original questions.

Do people still blog?

Yes and it takes a hell of a lot more time without the "status update" button


Why did I create this blog?

To look back on who I was and where I'm going.