Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On The Mend

Where do I begin?

It's been 5 weeks since my last bike ride and the knee continues to disrupt my 2008 road season. The Tour of California passed through my neck of the woods and I could not ride my bike across the Golden Gate Bridge to see the event, which tells me something is wrong and I need to see a specialist immediately. My appointment is schedule in the first week of March and it's with a sports doctor who is located one block from my apartment - a perfect commute to the hospital. Last week I got to meet my cycling hero, Tom Boonen, at Specialized Bicycles in Morgan Hill. The entire Quickstep team toured the facility and signed autographs for the employees. Tom and I were sitting in the lobby before an interview and he spoke about the upcoming races and signed a world championship jersey for me - it's going to be framed and placed on my wall for inspiration.

Top 10 Things An Injury Can Bring

1) Reading books and learning new things

2) Down time from the bike

3) Stretching and yoga classes to increase flexibility

4) Learning new programming languages in the evening

5) Resting my body for the road season ahead

6) Working on drawings and sketches

7) Mastering the art of Magic Etch A Sketch

8) Learning to use my digital camera

9) A stronger desire to race my bike

10) A change in routine

What else?

Well, I started swimming this week and it feels amazing. My form was beginning to slip from the lack of riding, so I chose swimming as a way to maintain my fitness. Anyway, I need to get some sleep - long day tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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