Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cross and Dressing

Yes... I'm wearing a dress in the picture.

This week I went to the DFL race in Golden Gate Park to break in my 2008/09 cyclocross season with good friends and good cross dressing. The course was an excellent combination of sand, gravel, single track and steep run-ups. My form was in question since I recently completed my first road season and I wanted to make sure I was not burnt out - this was not the case. My body and mind went ballistic during the race as the cross specific pain kicked in during the 3rd lap. Overall, I feel this cross season is going to be a great learning experience and a bigger challenge. It will be an honor to race against the best pros in the United States and I plan on learning everything I can from observation. There are no big plans for the season, but it would be nice to break the top 20 in the Super Prestige Series.

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ADIG said...

Dat's HAAT.

Good luck this season!

BTW - I was beginning to think this blog shriveled up and died. Glad it didn't.

Anthony Coando said...

Stay tuned for some updates from San Francisco Twilight Criterium and actioned packed cyclocross reports - belie dat

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Anna and Willem Voorthuijsen said...

Love the dress!

Mark M said...

Hey that dress looks familar, what's up your blog is even more out of date than mine !