Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holiday

Good Morning

Just finished a bowl of cereal and decided to skip a ride to Marin with friends. My knees were feeling sore this morning from the last two days of training and it's probably a sign to rest and avoid any stress or injuries. Angelo, Vince and I started our winter training program over the weekend and hope to build a solid base during the next 3 months. I received a nice Garmin Forerunner 305 (GPS) as a Christmas gift from my parents and the device will be used to monitor my riding stats such as heart rate, cadence, time, speed and other useful data. My brother and I might ride our cyclocross bikes on Christmas day, but we'll have to see how everyone is feeling in the morning. Last week our company met some deadlines and the week ended with a nice lunch at Grand Pu Bah Thai restaurant in the Design Center of San Francisco (where our company is located). This week I plan on updating my blog site with a new look and adding some images from the past month. Also, I need to look into purchasing a UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) license for a race in Los Angeles next month, so I can race with the Category A (professional) cross racers. It will be an honor to race with some of the best professional racers in the world and to learn how things unfold on the elite level. It's been a dream to race cross with the best and I plan on training properly this winter to make a strong showing in 2008. Well, I need to finish some Christmas shopping before taking the Caltrain to the South Bay. I hope everyone has a nice holiday and I look forward to posting some new images and data from the Garmin 305.

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Andrea said...

I'm really excited about this Cat A move. We need to come up with a way that I can support this. Monetarily.