Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sims and Cereal

Where to begin? The past two weeks have been a whirl wind of conferences and races :) Our company went to Orlando (Florida) to show the latest version of our simulated environment at the I/ITSEC conference. The conference was held at the Orange County Convention Center and was across the street from our hotel. The humidity was a bit too much and I spent my evenings at the pool with co-workers (drink in hand). The simulators and gadgets were impressive and it was nice to see other companies products as well as the latest in motion capture devices. Motion capture has become a useful technology in the world of cycling. Many teams use this technology to optimize the rider position for maximum output in watts.

What else?

Our team had an excellent race at Golden Gate Park and we managed to dominate the overall standings in the B category. Jeremy and I worked together at the end of the race and began pulling away from the group on the second to last lap. The course was dry and fast with a long sand pit and aggressive run-ups. The turn-out was amazing (122 B riders) The race ended with a sprint to the finish line...

Bay Area Super Prestige - Golden Gate Park

Interesting Project at Work + Training at Night + Warm Cereal = Balance

Now to grab some milk at the market downstairs ;)

Got Milk?

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