Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Cross and Simulators

It's been a hectic day in the office as we near the deadline to complete a flight simulator for the Italian Navy. Last week we met with a few pilots from Italy to work out the terrain details for emergency landings. It's always interesting to hear the perspective of the pilot and sometimes frustrating when asked to make the impossible come to life in the simulator. The new job has been an amazing experience and I seem to learn something new about Remote Sensing each day. Our company, Aechelon Technology, builds flight simulators for various militaries around the world.

On a different note it was sad to hear about the Basque r
ider Iban Mayo testing positive for EPO. I enjoyed watching him conquer the steepest mountains in Europe with his elegant spin - it's too bad these riders feel pressured to use performance enhancing drugs and techniques to win races.

Speaking of races!
I will be racing for a new cyclocross team called Altezza 40 this season and the kits are supposed to arrive sometime at the beginning of August.

Altezza - "height" in Italian

40 - the barrier height in centimeters

Please r
ead the cyclocross link above if you're confused with barriers and height in a bike race. I would be confused as well. Last year I raced in the C category and improved as the season rolled along. It was a team effort and I will always appreciate those who woke up early in the morning to attend my races and hand out water bottles in the cold morning temperature. Cyclocross requires fitness for a circuit course filled with obstacles and barriers. It's crucial to have support around the course for water bottles and wheel exchange.


Amanda said...

Here I was thinking that my job was interesting and you go and get one that sounds absolutely amazing. You may have to teach me a few things now. Either way, I'm excited for you.

The race you're entering sounds like a lot of fun. Do you ever run? I somehow got suckered into running the San Diego marathon next June. So for practice, I've got a half marathon coming up in September. Maybe you should consider doing it too :). So tell me more, how long is the race and when is it?

Anthony Coando said...

Hi Amanda, I would love to run the San Diego Marathon and I heard many great things about the course. My friend has run the marathon several times and the weather conditions have been excellent every time. I enjoy running but we focus on short sprints and running up steep hills during a cyclocross race - too much endurance runs can take the sprint out of the legs. Where is the Half Marathon?

Anonymous said...

Totally bad ace jersey!