Thursday, August 2, 2007

Headlands Bike Route

I'm working on getting the embedded Google Maps for the blog site and will be sharing some interesting tools for customizing Google Maps and Google Earth. I had some people ask about my evening ride to the Headlands and I decided to create a temporary route using the Path function in Google Earth. I can send the KML or KMZ version of the route if you're interested in coordinates, distance and elevation data. The Headlands route is an excellent way to escape the city after work and can be helpful for hill repeats on short days. The fog rolls into the Headlands around 5pm and the winds can be brutal on the way up to the look out point. I recommend a conservative descent during high winds and to mind the tourists and pebbles on the road. Sometimes we're lucky enough to have a clear view of the city with no wind and warm temperature - those are rare occasions.

Thanks for reading.


steeplebob said...

Good stuff, Anthony.

Do be mindful of posting your home address and lots of personal info in a public forum.

Anthony Coando said...

Good call! I did not catch the address in the Google Maps image - thanks for the update. I will be heading south this weekend and hope to make it over to visit C and D ;) Hope you're doing well E

Darla said...

People should read this.