Saturday, August 4, 2007

One Gear

One of the greatest things about San Francisco is the steep hills on a fixed gear bike. My truck has become obsolete and the bike can be taken any place in the city as long as the motor is willing to climb the grade. The commute to work is approximately 1.5 miles in the morning and riding in the traffic gets the brain working immediately. There's nothing like descending all the way to work with steep hills on the way home. This evening we had cappuccinos at Sugar Cafe on Sutter Street and discussed a new bicycle product in development. The Sugar Cafe has become my new place to enjoy a nice cappuccino while completing busy work on my laptop. The atmosphere is nice on the weekends - but it will never compare to Central Kávéház in Budapest. This place served amazing cappuccinos and the best hortobágyi palacsinta with a uborkasaláta (cucumber salad). These are the simple pleasures in life which I think about from time to time. There is something romantic about the Central Kávéház atmosphere and I recommend this place to anyone traveling to Budapest. Tomorrow we are going to travel to the South Bay to compete in a criterium in Santa Clara. This morning we rode 36.24 miles and met some interesting people from Boston on the way to Sausalito. The husband is visiting on business with Adobe and the wife decided to come out to California to vacation for a few days. Please copy and paste the URL in a browser to see our riding stats for the day -

Why do fruit companies feel the need to put sugar on packaged mangoes? I ripped open a bag of mangoes from the store across the street only to find loads of sugar coating my fruit - GRRRR!

OK. I must get some sleep before the race tomorrow morning. I hope everyone reading this blog enjoys the remainder of the weekend and learns something new about the world.

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