Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New Apartment

Last night we rode the Tuesday night sprints in Golden Gate Park before grabbing dinner at Umami (Japanese) in the Marina. The atmosphere in the restaurant was nice, but the portions were a bit small or maybe we were hungry from the ride.

I received several email requests to post pictures of my new apartment for those people living back eas
t and in other parts of the world. The pictures below were taken before dinner and the bed has not been made - this gives a candid feel to my images. I currently live a simple existence with no couches or chairs and the kitchen has the feel of a desert with tumble weeds rolling around in the wind. My friend and I went to IKEA to purchase some nice kitchenware, but there is no food in the refrigerator.

The follo
wing items can be found in the cupboards at this time

Accelerade, Edurox R4, Protein Powder, Cliff Shot Blocks (all flavors), Life Cereal, Gatorade, Recovery, Cliff Bars


Chris said...

Toni_Two_Nutz - Nice place!! I'm glad to see you did the dishes..not like when you and Cory lived together!!

Chris said...

.......wait I don't see the Coreee be good stick? Bama Slama?

Zoe said...

I'm so jealous...I'm not jokin when I say me and the bird are movin in..haha

lyell said...

i think i emailed my comments - i dunno, never blogged before :)

lyell said...

Cereal and no milk, Gatorade and no ice, Edurox R4 and no ?...Recovery..Accelerade...Shot blocks. Desert or Laboratory? :) Stevie B good, I gotta move my car, grrr. kay bye

Anthony Coando said...

Nice Lyell! I have been experimenting with several drink combinations such as Gatorade mixed with Accelerade with a dash of protein powder for those 5 hour road rides. I would probably enjoy the pain if Stevie B was playing on the Ipod ;) Thanks for the Ben and Jerry's last night.


lyell said...