Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Spy vs Spy

This morning I had one of the best triple mochas in San Francisco - possibly the world. There are several cafes in my neighborhood and I do my best to support each location during the week. The hot spot is Cup-O-Joe cafe which is diagonal to my building and serves the best mocha in the neighborhood. Our team usually meets here on Saturday morning for espresso and a few cups of water. This has become a tradition and the tourists sometimes take pictures of the boys in colorful spandex sitting in front of the cafe.
Yesterday, I went to the CCA (California College of Arts) to see Sam's industrial design building. Sam is a co-worker at Aechelon with amazing design experience and a knack for creating computer peripherals and other electronic devices. Last night I went to see the Bourne Ultimatum at the Sony Metreon. I recommend seeing the movie if you're into high paced action with jittery cinemtography. The movie takes place in several locations around the globe and inspires one to travel outside the United States and possibly get caught up in spy vs spy business.

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