Friday, October 26, 2007

Candle Stick Point Gallery - A40

Some more images of our team at Candle Stick Point

Altezza40 Gallery


Anonymous said...

These new pics are HELLA SICK dog!!! I'm so proud of you. Keep rockin' 'em.

P.S. Heard you had a race this weekend. Where at and what time? Wouldn't happen to be an evening race would it? I'll be working 'til 5 both days.

Anthony Coando said...

Thanks, "anonymous" ;) The racing has been going well this season and I plan on attending the "Big Show" in Portland, Oregon in December - road trip? This spent the last two days working and recovering from food poisoning, but feeling 100% this morning :) Big race this weekend at McLaren Park in San Francisco with a technical venue in store for all racers - let's pray for lots of technical spots on the course and nasty run-ups :0 Hope you're doing well and keep rockin' the A-store