Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ski Instructor Wanted

Last season I picked up skiing in Europe and cannot stop thinking about the slopes this season. My friends and I were practicing some moves in a foam pit last month, but I had to put the sessions on hold for the cyclocross season. My instructor from last season was amazing and had tons of patience and could rip it up in all conditions. This year I would like to build on the knowledge from last season and focus on developing a fluid technique in the carving department and the jumps. One on one instruction was the best gift I could receive and I hope to find a riding partner for this season who can instruct... yes... free instruction. I promise to be patient on the slopes.

In this deal you will receive some conversation on the way to slopes, lunch, gas money or a ride and someone who can learn quickly in all conditions and possibly push your limits. Please submit your email in a post on this site if you are serious - because I want to continue my training on the slopes.

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Anonymous said...


If we can teach you to ski like you ride the bike you will become a nasty huckster on the mountain. We plan on coming out west in January and will pray for massive snow dumps in the Tahoe area. What kind of skis are you rockin' this season? Didn't you ride all mountain skis last season? Can you ride park yet? Also, we're supposed to hit up this snow house in Colorado in February if you're down for a Rockies experience ;)