Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Eye in the Sky - Virtual Holiday

Do you ever dream of traveling to exotic places?

Do you enjoy looking at images or maps in National Geographic?

Do you ever sit at work and think about the interesting things going on in the world?

Do you enjoy wasting time at work?

If any of these question
s catch your attention - then allow me to take you around the world to some interesting sites using Google Earth. If you do not have Google Earth installed on your machine - please click on the link to DOWNLOAD GOOGLE EARTH

If you do not feel comfortable downloading Google Earth at work - you can click on the Google Maps link(s) provided.

Our first destination takes us to the Unknown Soldier Monument in Baghdad (Iraq)
I have not been to this location for obvious reasons, but it's something I can appreciate and would like to share with my readers.
Click here to view in Google Maps


The next location is nestled in the Tatras of Slovakia above the city of Poprad. Last summer I spent a few days hiking in these beautiful mountains and stayed in a mountain lodge with excellent food. The lodge was built on the edge of a lake and the surrounding creeks were filled with beautiful trout. This is one location I would like to return to in the future - with or without climbing equipment.
Click here to view in Google Maps

One more note - Poprad (
Slovakia) is the site of America's first ever medals at the Cyclocross Worlds - Matt Kelly took 1st in the U-23 category and Tim Johnson placed 3rd in the Elite Men category. As I drove through Poprad the images of the snow covered course and Matt Kelly on the podium fueled my desire to race cross upon return to the United States.

Thanks for reading.

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