Monday, October 8, 2007

Super Sunday

Here are some images from
the Bay Area Super Prestige Series on Sunday. Phil and Angelo made it out to see the race and provided support on the fast course. The course snaked through a lot full of loose gravel, pot holes and short run-ups. The turn out was amazing and it was great to see everyone race from Altezza40.

The link below was created on Angelo's digital camera at the "jump" section of the course. Riders were hitting the top of the lip and catching air for the photographers in the area, but I decided to stay low to keep the speed on the ground. Just copy and paste the link into a web browser and enjoy a small clip from the cyclocross race.


Thanks for reading.


maleonardphi said...

Nice work out there Sunday. Hopefully at Candlestick I'll get a better starting position and not flat or crash!

Anthony Coando said...

Thanks, M

We might have to wrestle some people to the front next time to get you the right position - or use a little shoulder action on the first corner BMX style ;)


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You rule!!! I wish I could have been at the race.