Friday, October 26, 2007

Surf City Cyclocross Race

This weekend I will be heading to Santa Cruz (Soquel High School) to race the Surf City Cyclocross event - which is organized by the Velo Bella cycling team. This used to be one of my favorite venues as a junior racer and it was one of the reasons I developed a passion for cyclocross. The Altezza40 team plans on making a strong showing at the race and the boys from Specialized might make an appearance as well. More to come... there is some special news I need to share.

Thanks for reading.


steeplebob said...

still waiting for that "special news"...

Anthony Coando said...

The "special news" has been delivered - see Active Athlete Squadra Ovest post on October 30th

Hope you and the family are doing well :)

Thanks for reading SteepleBob