Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cookies and Gears

Last night we (Angelo, Shana and myself) ate dinner together at Shana's apartment and swapped images from the weekend. Those maple cookies are heaven in a bag and can be dangerous if you leave them alone with hungry cyclists. The race numbers represent the end of the road season and the beginning of a road career - who knows what the future holds. The last picture is of someone re-considering a ride over the Golden Gate Bridge in windy conditions. What's the motivation? Someone else is riding while the weak sit at home in the warm apartment.


Andrea said...

The "weak"? Such harsh words Anthony. I thought we are all part of a collective goodness.

Anthony Coando said...

I didn't mean other people are weak, but I don't get stronger sitting at home worrying about 30mph gusts and rain clouds - these conditions build character inside and out. One of my favorite riders distributed some wristbands to his teammates at the 2007 Tour de France --> Read below

CSC joins wristband-wagon
Team CSC has joined the wristband bandwagon this year, but it sports an interesting slogan that isn't raising money for a charity or some do-good organization.

Instead, the letters across the black plastic wristband underscore the team's philosophy in this year's Tour: "Harden the Fuck Up."

"Stuart (O'Grady) brought them for the team in London and asked everyone to wear them," said Team CSC rider Frank Schleck. "If it's tough, we look at the wristband and we do what it says. When it gets hard, you harden up. So far it's worked pretty good."

Cyclists are a whole different breed...

andrea said...

HTFU. I love it.