Thursday, September 13, 2007

McLaren Park

Last night was the second race of the DFL Cross Series at McLaren Park in South San Francisco. Our warm-up consisted of dodging buses and cars along Mission Street and spinning up the hills with backpacks loaded with work clothes. The DFL series does not place riders in categories, so all abilities race each other from start to finish which makes for an interesting race. The start line was 15 feet from a steep hill, so everyone had their bikes mounted on the shoulders at the starting line. The massive group of riders bottle necked at the top of the hill and bumped shoulders and bikes during the re-mount. The pace moved quickly up a single track and the spectators cheered and shook cowbells as we rode up this steep pitch. This is going to be an amazing cross season and my teammates think I should already upgrade to A, but I hope to do well in the B category and make solid progress. Until then... keep the rubber side down.

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