Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Lion of Fairfax

This Lion of Fairfax will be my first official cyclocross race of the 2007 season. The race will take place in Fairfax which is approximately 20 miles north of San Francisco, so I need to decide if I will ride to the event in the morning. Work has been keeping me busy on the weekends and into the late evening, so the training has been slightly compromised during the past week. There are no excuses in racing and the work flow has leveled out, so I plan on regaining some lost miles in the evening with lights on my bike and solid training partners. It was nice to race the DFL series and the bike is operating as planned. Nothing has changed about my set-up from last season and I will be racing on the same tires (Kenda Kwik). There is something magical about a predictable bike and I can only ask for the Ksyriums to hold up this season. Let's hope for the best... which is mud and rain.

Thanks for reading.


ADIG said...

Good luck Bert!

andrea said...

Ant, Would it be too intrusive to ask you to post an image of your bike with tags to the specifics of your set up? Kind of like your desk photo. I'm very interested.

Anthony Coando said...

Not a problem - I had a reader from Italy email about my set-up on the cross bike, so I will post a picture with explanation this evening. Hope you're doing well and thanks for checking out the updates ;)