Sunday, September 23, 2007

Salton Sea

Spent most of the weekend cleaning railroad vectors for a flight route and learning more about the vector tools in ERDAS Imagine. It's amazing how many things one can discover in a satellite image and how many beautiful patterns exist on the surface of our planet. The vectors I created were placed east of the Salton Sea (
33.3° N 115.8° W) in Southern California - which is known for its land locked Tilapia fishery and migratory birds.

Tomorrow I plan on riding early in the morning to accommodate the current work schedule. The key to life is balance and I do not feel balanced if I miss too many days of cycling or outdoor activity. This weekend several friends raced in Chico and are preparing for the races in Las Vegas next weekend. We are in process of finishing a project at work and my riding schedule will need to change if I plan on solid results at the cross races. It's time to sleep :)

Thanks for reading.

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