Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shimano Road Shoe Update

This evening the temperature dropped in San Francisco and my feet were a victim of super ventilation. The Shimano shoes have provided nice ventilation on the hot summer rides, but I will need to use shoe covers this winter. The carbon sole has provided a solid platform on the climbs and it’s noticeably different compared to the Specialized Carbon Pro. The Specialized shoe seemed a bit wide in the forefoot and rocked laterally on the climbs. The Shimano shoe has a bit of space as well, but it might be resolved with the heat treatment this weekend. The shoes can be placed in an oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit and placed on the rider’s foot to mold the forefoot and heel cup. This creates a semi-custom fit without purchasing a Rocket7 shoe or custom orthodics for the foot bed. It would be nice if the ratchet buckle offered a third position for those with extra narrow feet (such as mine) to allow more adjustment. Overall, the shoe has performed well and continues to provide a snappy feeling on the climbs.

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