Wednesday, September 19, 2007

iPhone and Belkin Adapter

Last night my brother and I went to the Apple Store in San Jose to purchase the Belkin head phone adapter for the iPhone. The input for the head phone jack is recessed and does not support most if not all after market headphones. This can be a problem if you plan on listening to your music at work but do not want to use the Apple ear buds. The Belkin adapter solves this issue with a narrow interface and a flexible design which allows an AUX device to be used or a nice set of Bose head phones. The Belkin adapter is worth purchasing if you’re serious about head phones or would like to use the iPhone with a home or car stereo system.

If you would like to protect the screen on your iPhone my brother recommends the Invisible Shield protector. This screen protector does not seal the device which allows the heat to disperse. Many protection designs seal the entire device which causes the heat to build inside the case.

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