Friday, September 7, 2007

Rock Climbing

Last night I decided to get back into rock climbing with co-workers and I look forward to using this sport to keep in shape during the winter months. Last summer I spent some time hiking in Slovakia and the steep mountains reminded me of the time I spent climbing with friends in high school and college. I plan on setting a goal to climb some high walls in Yosemite Valley in the spring time and will post my progress indoors and outdoors on the blog - stay tuned for pictures and gear selection.

Thanks for reading.

"Most seasoned rock climbers agree that lead climbing often evokes a state of consciousness so focused that many compare it to the act of meditation. Life is distilled to pure simplicity when you lead a climb. In this concentrated state, free from both internal and external distractions, you rediscover your innate ability to experience the present moment. Zen practice never seemed so easy. Offering yourself to the rock wall above, you navigate up the mysterious rock pathways, shifting your focus between motor skills and intellect. Emotions emerge and dissolve, spilling in and out of your consciousness. Angst, fear, confidence, relief - each feeling fades into the past as swiftly as it emerges."

- Heidi Pesterfield

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Amanda said...

I am so jealous that you used to go hiking in Slovakia. You're enthusiam to climb and bike is extremely inspiring. Maybe one day I'll be able to join you! ;) The rock climbing sounds absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see pictures!!