Friday, September 14, 2007

The Seven Sisters


The Mt. Tam Hill Climb has three distinct sections. The first is a four-mile flat stretch of Highway 1 running alongside Bolinas Lagoon. Usually not much happens here, but a rider trying for the record will need teammates willing to keep the pace very high.

The second stretch, which is the main body of the climb, is a narrow and twisting road running through trees, Bolinas-Fairfax Road. There are few breaks in the climbing and several short stretches where the grade exceeds 10%. Total elevation gain along this section is about 1500 ft.

The final section follows an exposed ridge, climbing gradually to Rock Spring on the stair-steps local riders call the "Seven Sisters." You'll gain another 500 ft in elevation after the cattle grate, with the rollers along the way adding another couple hundred feet of climbing. The Seven Sisters are tough on fresh legs, let alone after the long grind up BoFax.

We are going to drive up in the morning to inspect the course and warm-up before the event. The best place to watch the race will be on BoFax or the "Seven Sisters" to the finish line. We plan on riding our bikes to Point Reyes following the race for a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and some base miles. Friends will be coming to watch the race and take pictures on course, so I will post an update on Monday.

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