Wednesday, September 19, 2007

German Tourist Club

On Sunday we had breakfast at Café Bean down the street and I had the “European” breakfast which consisted of egg whites, slices of cheese and tomatoes with a few pieces of whole wheat toast. This style of breakfast is something I learned from my previous relationship and it’s something I will continue as well as cheese sandwiches with butter. Later in the day our group traveled to Mt. Tam and hiked into the woods to a place called the German Tourist Club to celebrate the Oktoberfest. There was plenty of beer and German music and we shared pretzels and stories under a grove of red wood trees. We all plan on getting our membership to this secret beer club in the future. After finishing several pitchers of beer we decided to drive to Stinson Beach to watch the sunset. We bought some snacks at the local store which has saved my ass on several occasions during long rides along the coast or times I did not eat enough before a ride. These days I purchase a Gatorade to refill my water bottles and an Ensure supplement drink to replace the lost vitamins and minerals. Our group found a nice place on the beach protected from the wind. Angelo and I rolled up our jeans and walked around in the water while the others finished the snacks on the blanket. On the way home we spotted the Steep Ravine site located on the edge of the shoreline and will be looking into camping reservations for next month – possibly my birthday. It would be nice to sit on the shoreline and watch the wave’s crash against the rocks or do some simple fishing from the shore.

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Amanda said...

So maybe I should become a cyclist just so I can go to secret German clubs too. That sounds like so much fun. A bunch of cyclists drinking beer, what more could you ask for? Or either I should just move to San Francisco since it sounds like every time I turn around, you are going on these amazing adventures....decisions, decisions!